Culture of Design Professional Wellness centers and private wellness areas tailored and turnkey

A good design is the basis to create a great architectural design of a wellness area, a SPA or a swimming pool. A precise executive planning, heating and plumbing, electrical, air processing will be the best basis to build a good Professional Spa, wellness area or at home cozy, comfortable and functional, classic or original both.

The good design and construction with choice materials and technology of latest generation even with heat recovery, or the choice of energy supply guarantee low running costs and greater durability.

The design of the Spa as well implemented will save in the management and thus give greater benefit to the professional sector and reduced costs to the private.



Architects and design studios

Even the designer can find in us partner to entrust all or part of the project as complete or as simple executors of their own, as well as an assistance to the construction management.


The specialist of Wellconcept 360° is not only dedicated to the interior design of the wellness center, but also to the location where it will be realized our project, be it hotel or the bathroom or even the whole home, of the private Client. Starting from your indication or from our proposal, the interior designer will choose the most appropriate finishing materials for the needs of the Spa and the location. Chosen with taste, originality and attentive eye to the eco compatibility compose unique scenery as you had thought or dreamed them.L'interior design thought with taste and originality will be integrated and enhance every environment designed.

Plan activities:

  • Design & Concept
  • Architectural design
  • Executive Building, plumbing, heating and plumbing, air processing, electrical, plant pools
  • Design and wellness facilities including local
  • Interior design
  • Study of format for architects, professional cosmetics companies, hairdressers, doctors and paramedics, etc.


When it comes to heat, cold, steam, water, air, insulation technology is critical to have the reliable systems, low-power, silent manageable remotely with home automation. All our components are Italian or European. The technology can also have excellent design content. With our partners we can also assist with cogeneration / trigeneration plants, photovoltaic, geothermal.


Our construction activities:
Technical Plants:
  • Water: swimming pools, spas and whirlpool
  • Heat: steam generators, stoves, heaters
  • Cold: ice climbing, water cooling
  • Hydraulic and thermohydraulic also with heat recovery
  • Air system with dehumidification
  • Electric
  • EPS (styrene) high density for self-supporting structures as thermotherapy, balneotherapy, showers, whirlpools, swimming pools etc…
  • Internal structures, plasterboard, fixtures
  • Laying PVC sheeting, waterproofing swimming pools
  • Build a wellness center and restructure spa and wellness areas
  • Build a pool or a steam bath and restructure spas and whirlpools
  • Build a sauna with latest technologies
  • Electronic management and home automation installations and facilities
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